Event Details:

How is the time zone generated?

The time zone is calculated by the zip code.

Where do I search for an event?

You can search for an event by typing an event name in the search panel, located in the home screen.



How many tickets are available?

The number of tickets available depends on how many people a venue can hold and how many tickets an organizer permits.

Who pays for the tickets if they are free?

If tickets are free, they are free and neither the organizer nor attendees pay for tickets.

Does the ticket price include processing fees?

Yes, the ticket price includes processing fees.

How do I resend a ticket?

You can resend a ticket by going to the event and clicking "resend" which will send another email to the email, with the ticket attached, address provided.


Attendee Info:

Why are first name, last name, and email required?

The first name, last name, and email are required because through your email is how you access your ticket.



What if I forget the password for an event?

You will need to contact the organizer for the event.

What does "Publish" mean?

"Publish" means an event is complete and when the “Publish” button is selected, the event is live and ready for attendees to purchase tickets.

What is a price break?

A price break offers a discount based on a percentage, dollar amount, or number of tickets purchased. The price break will only appear if created by the organizer.

How are price breaks different than promo codes?

A promo code is a per ticket discount offered by the organizer. A price break is a discount offered as an incentive to purchase several tickets and is usually given when two or more tickets are purchased.

Can I use a promo code and a price break together?

This is allowed at an organizer's discretion.


My Account:

Where do I change my password?

You can change your password in your account settings. You can find your account settings in the top right corner titled "My Account."

How do I edit my account?

You can edit your account by accessing "My Account," located in the top right of the screen.


Managing Events:

Contacting Hello Events Support

You can contact Hello Events Support by either calling 888-709-5115 or emailing


Attending an Event:

Contacting the Event Organizer

You can contact the event organizer by emailing or calling their information listed.


Hello Events Check in App:                    

How do I download the Hello Events App?

Go to the Android or Apple store and search for the Hello Events App. This is how you will access tickets through Hello Events. You use the same credentials for the mobile app as you do with web access.  

What devices can download the app?

The mobile app is both iOS and Android compatible.



Wording Explanation

Hello Events uses three primary words which include "publish," "draft," and "unpublish." "Publish" occurs when an organizer selects the button and makes the event active so attendees can start purchasing tickets. "Draft" is the stage where an event is not live, therefore tickets cannot be bought, either because an organizer has not selected to publish the event or there are details missing. "Unpublish" occurs when an event was live and for a particular reason an organizer decided to make the event not accessible to attendees. 

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